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voter Integrity help needed

We need you to help keep Fulton County Elections clean.

 Sign up slots for poll-watching for our primary election are live. Please go ahead and sign up and/or contact us with questions.

For questions and/or more information:

Poll-watcher Sign-up Form:


Poll-worker job application (Fulton County):


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now is the time

are you
  • Burdened by the historic rise in inflation?
  • Shocked by the price of consumer goods and gasoline?
  • Sick of watching the markets diminished your hard earned investments?
  • Concerned for your safety due to the rise in crime?
  • Lack of concern and disregard for the illegal crossings on our borders?
  • WHO is Fulton GOP?
  • WHAT does Fulton GOP do?
  • WHY Should I join?
  • HOW do I engage?

Core Principles

Organized local and proactive political involvement.

  • Limited government
  • Self reliance
  • Fiscal responsibility
  • Conservative values

Local Support

  • Promote and support local & state candidates
  • Election Integrity
  • School board involvement
  • Community Safety


  • Network of like-minded residents

  • Self fulfillment

  • Making a difference

  • Proactive Involvement

  • Multiple involvement avenues 

  • Political campaigns


  • Monthly district meeting
  • Monthly GOP breakfasts

Let’s have a conversation:



Politics is about participation and engagment.

chairman\’s corner


Now is the time to become active

Hello fellow Republicans. I\’m Trey Kelly, Chairman of Fulton County Republican Party.

The Fulton County GOP is actively involved in election integrity, neighborhood committees, poll watching and insuring Republican candidates will win in the November election.

Now is the opportunity for you to take a stand and get involved to change the political direction of Georgia and the US House and Senate.

Regardless of your time or interest, there are many involvement options for you to choose from.

Instead of being frustrated…Let’s have a conversation to help change the current political environment

Republican Events

Take a look at our calendar for more information.

Congressional District info

Mouseover the map for precinct names and enlarge for location details.


April 30th ,2022 Johns creek International Festival