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  • April 22, 2023 - District Convention

    The District Conventions are based on U.S. Congressional Districts. At this convention, delegates elect district officers. Locations are decided by each individual district. If you were elected in March as a delegate or alternate to the District Convention, then you will be notified of the location.

  • June 9&10 2023 - State Convention

    Columbus Convention and Trade Center- Columbus, GA If you were elected at your County Convention as a Delegate or Alternate to the state convention, then you will: 1.) elect a new State chairman (2 year term); and 2.) Elect other state party officers (2 year term).

Statement in Support of Fulton Co. Commissioner Bridget Thorne

At the Fulton County Commission Meeting held  March 15, 2023, Commissioner Bridget Thorne was verbally attacked after making her points on a couple agenda items!   Review the exchange for yourself: . Commissioner Thorne was elected to represent all the residents of District 1 in Fulton County.  Therefore, the attacks on her are attacks on all the residents of District 1.  As she is an ambassador of the Fulton County Republican Party, we condemn this behavior, as it is a form of tyranny to silence free speech and prevent effective representation of District 1 by Commissioner Thorne.  We stand beside and behind Commissioner Thorne!  We encourage our members to show your support for Commissioner Thorne by attending the next Board of Commissioners meeting on Wednesday, April 12. Details below:

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Core Principles

Organized local and proactive political involvement.

  • Limited government
  • Self reliance
  • Fiscal responsibility
  • Conservative values

Local Support

  • Promote and support local & state candidates
  • Election Integrity
  • School board involvement
  • Community Safety


  • Network of like-minded residents

  • Self fulfillment

  • Making a difference

  • Proactive Involvement

  • Multiple involvement avenues 

  • Political campaigns


  • Monthly district meeting
  • Monthly GOP breakfasts

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